Ewa Michalak

    Ewa Michalak Bra FB |Rimini|

    Semi-soft bra with a higher bridge ideal for medium neckline.
    Gathers the breasts in a way they do not stick outside the contour of the body.
    Lifts the bust giving it a rounded shape with a subtly marked peak, which adds a little lightness to your silhouette.

    Cups covered entirely with elastic lace.
    The bottom of the cups is made of knitwear, strenghtened using an innovative technology to hold the breasts at the right level, the top of the cups comes with an extra layer of elastic tulle, thanks to which the cup adjusts to the shape of breast smoothly, even if asymmetrical.

    The bra features cups with more coverage, going round the breasts keeping a tight reign on them.
    Perfect even for heavy busts.

    Fully-adjustable straps with tiny decorative bows.
    The center gore adorned with a bow, too.
    The band is firm, not really stretchy so that it doesn't give in to the weight of bust with use.
    The underwires are narrow, adjusted to the demands of bra size.

    To increase user's comfort the underwires are shorter than the chanelling and do not fill it completely.
    The cups in FB style are usually more voluminous than in padded bras and as a result you might need to size down a cup.

    If in between sizes, try the smaller one.
    It is possible that the center gore will not touch the sternum, it is, however, allowed in this style.