Louisa Bracq

    471 Serie Noire Bra [Noir]

    The shell bra is a model Lighthouse across the Atlantic. In these countries or each consumer favours the comfort and daily use at the refinement, underwear Louisa Bracq take into account these expectations based on the models, but offers the aspect mode and more.
    For the model of BRA, shell the comfort, support and fit are present, but also refinement!
    Lingerie in shells will be able not only to amplify the trait of the chest without for as much increase as would a model "push up". This piece is of advantage for daily use, will be an asset mode because his style often ignored in other models of the same type.
    The shape of the chest will be highlighted with a light foam for delicate shaping.
    Then the BRA will meet expectations in terms of every woman for daily use. If the wish is to slightly increase the volume of the breasts and then raise the shell bra is perfect!
    The chest will be nicely curved and this product creates a seductive cleavage.