About Us

Our Mission

The staff at Lucy's Boudoir are passionate about helping women find their true bra size! Our hopes are to inspire women by educating them about their size and helping to provide a renewed sense of self-confidence.

Professional Fitters

Crystal Rogers


Crystal believes that there is a “right” type of bra for every woman. She strongly encourages frustrated bra seekers to locate a specialist who can precisely fit them with care, and connect them to the bra that works for their unique body. As the owner, and the shop’s top brassier she is inspired everyday by the women she helps. She has made it her mission to educate, transform, and uplift her clients one hug, one conversation, and one bra at-a-time. "A well fitting bra", she states " "is the best investment a woman can make to change the way she looks and feels.  It is the principle agent in providing you all the support and figure-flattering appearance you desire to achieve."

Audra House


Audra, is a busy bee creating buzz about Lucy’s Boudoir and fitting women in uplifting and supportive bras. Her passion for fashion inspires her to reach out to women in the community who are in need of proper foundations. While changing window displays, sending out emails, organizing events, and updating social media, Audra’s favorite part of her job is helping women find their true size and giving them the daily gift of a well-fitting bra. As a key member of the team, she has mastered the secret art of bra-fitting.

Audra believes that if the bra fits, so will the dress!