Zum Products: What’s Inside?

    The next time you take a big whiff of ever-entrancing Zum products, you can feel good about it knowing that every one of our products is made with pure, high-quality, vegetarian ingredients.
    Cruelty Free- Zum Products are cruelty-free, we test them on ourselves, they are not tested on animals.

    Vegetarian - ALL Zum products are vegetarian.

    Vegan- ALL Zum products are vegan except Zum Bars (goat's milk), Wool Dryer Balls (wool), Zum Kisses (honey) and Zum Rub (goat's milk)
    Gluten free - Zum products with gluten added include Zum Body lotions (oat bran extract) and Oatmeal-Lavender Zum Bar (oatmeal). Rosemary extract is gluten-free and contains soy.
    Essential Oils - Zum essential oils are custom-blended and perfect to integrate into your bath and body routine. They’re even great for adding extra cleansing power and fragrance to our natural household cleaning products. You can feel good about using these products around your kids, pets, and the rest of your family.
    *Frankincense and Myrrh, 3125, Amber products contain a trace of phthalate-free fragrance oil.
    Organic - Just take a look at the Zum soap ingredients below and the other products in your lineup and you’ll see plenty of organic splendor. Organic, food-grade oils — including sunflower, grapeseed, jojoba, olive, coconut, and others — meet organic plant-based extras in these fantastic products.

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