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We strive to bring back the excitement of bra shopping by “uplifting” women in the Long Beach community. We believe that getting properly fitted in a bra has a direct positive effect on a woman’s health, comfort, and confidence.

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Bra Shopping Today

Many women today are wearing the wrong size bra. Shopping for a bra is harder than it looks; it is frustrating to search through hundreds of brands that all claim to be “the one.” Without knowing your true size, and the right styles for your body, it is easy to settle for a less-than-perfect fit.

The most important element missing in most bra stores are the brassieres, the professionals who actually specialize in the field. Finding the right bra is an art that requires studying bra construction and how bras should lay on a woman’s body. As the bra industry expands, this vital training is skipped over by many big names in lingerie and individual needs become generalized.

How Do You Find the Perfect Bra?

From the minute you walk into our store, our associates are hard at work to help you discover what fits you. When you schedule a bra-fitting appointment with us, you will save time, effort, and money searching for the perfect bra.

Being the only full-service, bra-fitting shop in Long Beach, our brassieres are trained to fit petite to large bust sizes. Our size range includes band sizes from 28 to 56 and cup sizes AAA to N.  We carry bras for every occasion in a woman’s life and cater to hard-to-find sizes and individual needs. You can preview our unique selection by viewing Products or see our Before and After Photos.

Bra-Fitting Services

Some of our bra-fitting services include but are not limited to:

• Complimentary In-Store Bra Fitting Appointments
• On Site Alterations
• Special Fittings Before or After Hours. (appointment necessary)
• Special Ordering on Select Styles
• Bra-Fitting Parties

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