Lucy's Story

Founding owner, Michelle, who has designed vintage-inspired lingerie & swimwear for 20+ years, saw the glaring need for women of all sizes to have a professional bra fitting, conducted by a caring, & well-trained bra-specialist. In 2013, she hired Crystal, who after years of training under Michelle’s tutelage, became the one the stores top fitting specialist. It was through her passion & her desire to help women in this field that Michelle knew she could handle the business with care in a way that would continue to serve the mission of the boutique. Crystal would later become the new owner in 2017. Crystal is excited to make a positive impact in the community and help women embrace their true size, one bra at a time! Since making its humble entrance into the community, thousands of women reaching as far as Sonoma Valley, San Diego, and Catalina Island have experienced the kind-hearted, thorough, and life changing service at Lucy’s Boudoir.

Our Mission

Lucy’s Boudoir is a bra-fitting boutique dedicated to helping women from AAA to O Cup discover and embrace their true size. We believe that getting properly fitted in a bra has a direct positive effect on a woman’s health, comfort, and confidence.

Professional Bra-fitters at Lucy’s


Crystal Rogers

Crystal, who became the business owner in 2017, is passionate about helping women find their right bra size. As one of the shop’s top brassieres for over 4 years, she is inspired everyday by women who leave the store with a new found confidence and a fabulous fitting bra. When she comes into work, she is motivated by how a bra can transform more than just a woman’s bust appearance. Crystal believes that a bra fitting is an uplifting process and sees a positive change in the way women look at themselves when they change into a bra meant for them.

As the owner, Crystal is excited to carry out Lucy’s Boudoir mission of helping women embrace their true size!


Audra House

Audra, is a busy bee creating buzz about Lucy’s Boudoir and fitting women in uplifting and supportive bras. Her passion for fashion inspires her to reach out to women in the community who are in need of proper foundations. While changing window displays, sending out emails, organizing events, and updating social media, Audra’s favorite part of her job is helping women find their true size and giving them the daily gift of a well-fitting bra. Trained under the expertise of Michelle and Crystal, she has mastered the secret art of bra-fitting.

Audra believes that if the bra fits, so will the dress!